Build a great online shop

Use your own domain name,
and customise your shop to reflect your brand.

Customers can buy from anywhere

Our responsive templates allow your customers
to buy from any device, anywhere.

Manage your store with our web application

Manage stock, run promotions, create vouchers,
draw reports and lots more.

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Keep selling from Bricks and Mortar

Use Shopstar POS to create the possibility of a larger,
wider, more responsive customer base anywhere, anytime.

Shopstar provides logistics solutions

We negotiate shipping rates on behalf
of all our clients to provide good logistics solutions.

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Shopstar builds trust between you and your customers

We love the benefits of online commerce, but recognise that you and your brand have built a reputation based on tangible qualities and hard networking.

With Shopstar, you don’t sacrifice your authenticity as your brand scales online.

Social Media Verification

Know exactly who your customers are, and let them know who you are.

Endorsement and Reviews

Credible reviews and real-life endorsements build trust with customers.

Simple Pricing. Standard Features.

We don't believe in gating features. All features for everyone!


The little guy

up to 25 products
R 200mo
includes 30 free trial


The big guy

up to 200 products
R 700mo
includes 30 free trial


The really big Guy

unlimited products
R 1 000mo
includes 30 free trial

* To accept credit cards securely you will need to make use of one of the payment gateways PayPal or PayFast , who do charge transaction fees.
** Products with multiple SKUs are counted as one product. For example a hat in size small, medium and large only counts as one product.

Thank you for both the product that you guys have / are creating and for the great service. It is so lovely to work with someone who is local and approachable.
The POS literally changed how I did Kamers and made it possible for me to leave the stand in the hands of the girls who helped me. It is a brilliant solution!
Elke Dunaiski
Bright Owl Paper Products
Since the launch of our online shop the sales at Dear Rae Jewellery have doubled. We have had orders from South Africa, USA, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia and Belgium. Within 4 weeks we passed our 100th online sale and are looking forward to many many more.
Karin Rae Matthee
Dear Rae
My online shop makes it possible to reach clients throughout the country. I now deliver my waffles as far as Hoedspruit which was not possible before.
Carine Michiels
Belgium Waffles

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Terms of Service.
  1. To activate your service you will need to supply your full name, physical address and any other required fields.
  2. You are responsible for keeping your password secure. Shopstar does not have access to your password. All passwords are encrypted.
  3. You are responsible for all the content (text, images) you upload.
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  9. Shopstar implements external payment gateways. We cannot take responsibilty of any errors which may occur whilst using these 3rd party services.
  10. Shopstar will under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage you may have using the Shopstar service.
  11. SUPPORT queries will be managed through the provided support channels.
  12. Shopstar belongs to Shopstar PTY LTD, content you upload belongs to you, if you wish to remove content from our servers you need to delete your account.
  13. All Shopstar Design Presets (themes) are available to all Shopstar shops.
  14. Shopstar makes use of a pre-paid payment method. You will need to pre-purchase credits called to keep your shop online. Should your credits run out, your shop will go offline.
  15. Under no circumstances will Shopstar refund ZAR for pre-purchased credits.
  16. Client may cancel at any time, by sending a cancellation notice to
  17. We may change these terms from time to time, it is your responsibility to keep up with these changes.
  1. Shopstar is owned by Shopstar PTY LTD (Reg Nr 2014/192666/07).
  2. Shopstar may collect personal information such as your name, address, banking details or credit card details. This information is only used to render our services to you, and will not be shared with others unless it is required to render this service. An example of such is to share information with a third party vendor such as the payment gateway.
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  5. In order for us to provide our service we make use of cookies. Cookies allow us to differentiate one user from the other.
  6. These Privacy Terms may be changed from time to time, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.